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B2B go-to-market needs a re-write. Join the community making it happen and learn a new way to grow.

A Community For People Who Want to Learn a Better Way to Grow

A Slack community and resource hub, ClubPF is a group of 300+ forward-thinkers who have noticed that the old generic playbooks B2B companies use to take their products to market are broken. 

Mark Kilens, previously a marketing leader at HubSpot and Drift, and Nick Bennett, previously a marketing leader at Clari and Alyce, created ClubPF to be the place that brings people together to learn a way to go-to-market that matches the way people buy today.

There are two ways to learn how to modernize your go-to-market to match how people buy today. 

1) ClubPF Free that comes with The People-First Advantage book, a monthly webinar, and other practical GTM resources. 

2) ClubPF Insider that includes a private Slack group packed with GTM insights and a new GTM article posted daily plus:

  • Resource hub with 175+ GTM templates, frameworks and masterclasses
  • 50 new masterclasses every year taught by GTM leaders and operators
  • On-demand courses with knowledge checks
  • In-person events and dinners
  • Member matchmaking every month

We're a group of forward-thinkers who have noticed that the old generic playbooks B2B companies use to take their products to market are broken:

  1. 🤷 Buyers are inundated with “meh” content optimized for an algorithm, not humans.

  2. 📉 Digital channels are saturated, and have reached the point of diminishing returns.

  3. 🍪 We have entered the cookieless future, with an emphasis on privacy and a reliance on first-party data.

  4. 🤝 While prospects crave authentic connection, businesses optimize their GTM processes by minimizing the role of people.

  5. 🤦 Companies use outdated GTM strategies built for a time before AI — a time that has passed.

It's why we created the People-first GTM Model.

If you’re a GTM professional at a B2B company or entrepreneur who wants a better to grow and needs to pick up critical skills to thrive in the new era of GTM, ClubPF is for you.

In ClubPF you will:

🎓 Learn New Skills

Pick up new skills to create, capture and convert demand with cutting-edge, people-first GTM strategies.

🧩 Problem Solve and Get Feedback

Ask the community and get fast, honest and relevant feedback from top-performing peers.

🔎 Find Proven GTM Resources

Discover hundreds of new frameworks, templates and processes that you can use to take your career to the next level.

🤝 Meet Your Peers

Find connections with a group of passionate, friendly status-quo breakers and GTM experts.

🏅 Get Coaching and Mentorship

Access expert mentorships and get on-demand advice and coaching from pros who have been there, done that.

Join ClubPF, the only GTM community dedicated to pioneering a people-first approach that aligns your go-to-market to how people buy.