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Community and resource hub for marketers who want to match their go-to-market to how people buy.

Become a People-first Marketer 

ClubPF is a group of 700+ forward-thinking marketer who have noticed that the old generic playbooks B2B companies use to take their products to market are broken. 

Become a modern, people-first marketer and take your marketing and business to new heights. Get a clear, proven roadmap to marketing success – with a supportive community of experienced marketers and GTM professionals.

Learn New Skills and Strategies to Growing Pipeline and Revenue

That's the core of ClubPF – a community and resource hub where you'll discover the tools, insights, and support to transform your marketing from generic to attention grabbing.

✔️ Understand the core principles and strategies of People-first GTM

✔️ Identify areas for improvement in your current GTM approach

✔️ Set clear, achievable goals aligned with your business objectives

ClubPF Free ($0) includes The People-First Advantage book packed with more than 135 ideas to improve your marketing outcomes, plus:

  • A Slack group for asking questions and networking
  • New webinars every month with GTM leaders
  • People-first GTM Playbook and Workbook

ClubPF Insider ($15 /month) includes a resource hub with more than 250 templates, frameworks, tools, and on-demand masterclasses plus:

  • New weekly GTM masterclasses taught by the best B2B marketers
  • People-first GTM course and certification
  • A private one hour strategy or coaching call with Mark or Nick
  • Member matchmaking every month
  • Private Slack channels for Insider members only

Craft a powerful, People-first GTM strategy that resonates with your target audience.

✔️ Create detailed, empathy-driven buyer personas to guide your GTM efforts

✔️ Refine your messaging and positioning to speak directly to your customers' needs

✔️ Design a cohesive, persona-driven content plan that engages and converts

✔️ Engage in advanced masterclasses and workshops to expand your people-first GTM expertise

Founded by Mark Kilens, previously a marketing leader at HubSpot and Drift, and Nick Bennett, previously a marketing leader at Clari and Alyce. ClubPF is the place that brings people together to learn how to go-to-market that matches the way people buy today.

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